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Aspiring animator Sophia scores an interview at the world famous Semaphore Animation Studios. During her visit, she discovers a disturbing truth about the studio she admires.

RUN TIME: 12 Mins
FILM PROGRAM: Narrative Shorts 2
DIRECTOR(s): Cameo Wood
PRODUCER(s): Cameo Wood, Ryon Lane, Alexa Fraser-Herron
KEY CAST: Tamlyn Tomita, Tiffany Hines, Connie Jo Sechrist, Natalie Conneely, Sammy Wegent


A woman and man keep meeting in their dreams. As they try to find each other in waking life, surprising truths are revealed about the event that connects them.

RUN TIME: 8 Mins
FILM PROGRAM: Narrative Shorts 2
DIRECTOR(s): Tim Nackashi
PRODUCER(s): Dustin Highbridge, Jefferis Gray
SCREENWRITER(s): Tim Nackashi
KEY CAST: Kerry Knuppe, Nick Heyman, Blaine Vedros, Time Winters


Having recently given up the game, Santiago “Sueño” Negrón reflects on his relationship with his dying father, Primo, who always wanted him to be a professional tennis player.

RUN TIME: 10 Mins
FILM PROGRAM: Narrative Shorts 2
DIRECTOR(s): Christopher Santiago
PRODUCER(s): Harry Drennan, Elisabeth Durkin, Jon Simon
SCREENWRITER(s): Eugene Michael Santiago
KEY CAST: Gabe Hernandez, Eugene Michael Santiago, Jayden Toledo


When war hits the California coast, a 19-year-old takes desperate action to get his little brother to safety in the final hours before his deployment.

RUN TIME: 15 Mins
FILM PROGRAM: Narrative Shorts 2
DIRECTOR(s): Troy Elliott
PRODUCER(s): Troy Elliott, Sara Bailey
SCREENWRITER(s): Troy Elliott
KEY CAST: Jeff Pridgen, Bradley Bundlie, Eva Swan, Mariel Flores, Tanya Alexander, Gregory Kenyon


Having spent her childhood in communist Czechoslovakia, Anna, now an immigrant in New York City, struggles to pursue her dream of higher education in the U.S.

RUN TIME: 18 Mins
FILM PROGRAM: Narrative Shorts 2
DIRECTOR(s): Petra Priborska
PRODUCER(s): Jiri Madl
SCREENWRITER(s): Petra Priborska
KEY CAST: Eliska Krenkova


Two men visiting a dam that defined their young lives are confronted by feelings that were impounded long ago, but cannot be contained any longer.

RUN TIME: 16 Mins
FILM PROGRAM: Narrative Shorts 2
DIRECTOR(s): Brendon McDonall
PRODUCER(s): Ilana Lazar
SCREENWRITER(s): Brendon McDonall
KEY CAST: Chris Haywood, Martin Vaughan, Felix Haywood, Blake Bowden

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