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Behind the Vines: Favia Wines

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Favia Erickson Winegrowers is a collaboration between Annie Favia and Andy Erickson. These two find vivacious, one-of-kind vineyards that are ideal for growing sensational wine grapes. Favia Wines are known for fruit-forward, renowned varietals, each having [...]


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2111, 2016

Behind the Vines: Favia Wines

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Favia Erickson Winegrowers is a collaboration between Annie Favia and Andy Erickson. These two find vivacious, one-of-kind vineyards that are ideal for growing sensational wine grapes. Favia Wines are known for fruit-forward, renowned varietals, each having unique and distinct aromas and characteristics. But it’s all about the grapes. Favia Wines has been growing grapes and making wine in Napa for over twenty years, and it all started with a love story. When Annie and Andy first met over two decades ago. They started by making wine in their garage in 1995, and eventually served their first vintage at their wedding three years later. There is magic in every bottle at Favia Wines. "Our passion is Cabernet Franc, but we produce a number of wines from unique vineyard sites." - Annie and Andy Through their passions, they have continued to grow and expand their collections. They are inspired by and committed to organic, sustainable viticulture. It's the minimalistic winemaking that really highlights the power of their special vineyard sites.  Annie and Andy are huge film buffs, and are ecstatic about the opportunity to be a part of NVFF from the beginning. We're so glad they're along for the ride with us (and that they bring [...]

1311, 2016

Special Profile: Cathy Buck of Cameo Cinema

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Thanks to the hard work of dedicated dreamer Cathy Buck, the Cameo Cinema of St. Helena celebrated its 103rd birthday in May of 2016. This charming venue is now considered utterly quaint in the wake of modern megaplex theaters. And it’s the longest continuously running single screen theater in the country! The Cameo is both a symbol of grand, old world Hollywood and small town entertainment at the same time. Meaning: Cathy has the unique experience of sustaining a business through offering what a megaplex cannot. As it so happens—under Cathy’s guidance—the charm, charisma, and carefully hand-picked movie line up that the Cameo brings to those who live in or love to visit St. Helena is more than enough. How did this new chapter in Cathy’s life begin? During a fateful haircut in 2008, Cathy’s friend Sean Labrou overheard that the place was for sale. He told Cathy about what he’d heard, to which she responded, “We should buy it!” It was a brave idea that, sure enough, Cathy intended to follow through on. The pair then set out to get to know the preceding leaseholder, Charlotte Wagner, and the landlady. Quickly all were convinced of Sean and Cathy’s commitment [...]

1311, 2016

#FestDressed: Going Out With a Bang

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Do you dread packing for a place you’ve never been before? Are you never sure what to wear to what event? You are not alone. That’s why we brought in local fashion blogger Evin Elizabeth to debunk the myths and demonstrate the tips to get you ready for NVFF. Learn how to blend in with the locals, stand out on the red carpet and always be #FestDressed. What a week it’s been! And let me tell you, you’ve all looked fabulous! I mean, really, your fashion game has been on point! So now that it’s the last day of the festival and you have a few more screenings to see, a wine pavilion or two to visit and a wrap party to attend don’t drop the ball. You owe it to your Instagram to go out with a bang… a fashion bang, that is. I know after a nights of cocktail dresses and heels you might be thinking, “There’s nothing I want more than my PJs and some fuzzy socks,” but ladies this is Napa and we are going out on a high note! With all the events happening on the Riverfront today you have to make time in your [...]

1211, 2016

Behind the Vines: Flora Springs

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Flora Springs stems from sustainable living and organic farming. Their love for land influences simply everything that they do, including accruing land in Napa Valley's most bountiful and lustrous appellations: Rutherford, Oakville, St, Helena and Carneros. Flora Springs was one of the first wineries to pick grapes at night, crafting a practice that delivers cool and pure fruit. Every wine Flora Springs produces aims to capture hearts, and express the beauty straight from the soil. “Love the land and it will love you back.” – Flora Komes This is more than a motto for Flora Springs wines—it's breathed into every bottle. Flora had love for all things living, and ensured the land she cared for was an integral part of her heritage and legacy. This sentiment is infused into every bottle of Flora Springs. There are two ways to experience Flora Springs in Napa Valley, at their Tasting Room or within their Estate Winery. The tasting room is a modern design that embodies naturalistic styles of hillside caves and crushing springs. They have a Vineyard Courtyard picnic area—an amazing area to swirl a glass and nosh on your favorite bites over lunch. Their Rooftop Lounge has a stunning view of vineyards, with colors of [...]

1211, 2016

Special Profile: Napa River Inn

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  The historic Hatt/Napa Mill Building is located at the intersection of 5th and Main Street and is part of the old sea and river commerce center of late 1800s and early 1900s Napa City. This historical significance has garnered the complex local landmark status and National Register of Historic Places listing. Within their walls, the Hatt/Napa Mill Buildings have been a warehouse for more than commodities. Now the home of the Napa Valley Film Festival Culinary Stage, Napa Wine Pavilion, and Napa Festival Box Office, this complex stores the histories of the lives and times of the owners, workers and community of Downtown Napa for more than 130 years. The first signs of Captain Albert Hatt's plans to build a new warehouse were on January 20, 1882. On that date, the Napa County Reporter documented the sale of one block of property at Main and Fifth streets. Hatt purchased the property from William H. Coombs, Napa founder, for $1.00. Hatt also had a steamship in connection with the business that he named after one of his daughters, “Amelia” which is now the name of the boutique located in the lobby of the Napa River Inn. An interesting addition to [...]

911, 2016

Behind the Vines: Ma(i)sonry Napa Valley

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Nestled in one of Yountville’s most historic places, Ma(i)sonry Napa Valley offers a truly one-of-kind experience in wine country. It’s a mecca of culture, filled with highly edited furnishings and artwork. The collections of art on display include Napa Valley favorites, Bay Area’s most esteemed painters, as well as notable artists worldwide—all of which are available for purchase. “From a wine perspective, these art pieces create a wonderful pairing for an inspiring wine experience.” - Brian Ball, Wine Director They search for artists who exude luster and innovation to complement their wine. Recently, Mai(s)onry started showcasing Heidi Barrett, the world famous winemaker and impressive painter. You can buy a bottle and a painting—now that’s a perfect pairing! This experience doesn’t really compare anywhere else. It’s a “living gallery” atmosphere with a stylized backdrop to limited boutique wines—including Blackbird Vineyard’s portfolio of Pomerol-inspired blends. Back in 2008, it started out with Blackbird winery. Then they took this old, historic and majestic building in Yountville, creating and curating to Napa Valley producers and winemakers, and showcased wines next to one another. Mai(s)onry’s collection of wines represent the top AVAS in Napa Valley, only the most sublime and high-quality wines. When asked about which wine tactics [...]

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NVFF17 • NOV 8 – 12