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Paraduxx Wine Uncorks Innovation

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A division of Duckhorn Wine Company, Paraduxx is the only Napa Valley winery solely dedicated to contemporary wine blends. To learn more about what makes a Paraduxx blend unqiue,  I talked with Don LaBorde, the Paraduxx Winemaker, [...]

Welcome to the NVFF Vintner Circle, Davis Estates!

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The NVFF Team is excited to welcome a new Vintner Circle member into our elite group of Napa Valley wineries. At the forefront of technology and modern rustic chic, Davis Estates is establishing itself as [...]

NVFF Education Programs: Workshops, Contests, and Screenings

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After launching our first ever High School Short Film Competition in partnership with NapaLearns, in January, we put together three student film workshops to encourage, inspire, and teach young filmmakers how to create their own projects. [...]


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1605, 2017

NVFF Internship Programs

By | May 16th, 2017|Categories: Education, Festival|1 Comment

Each November, the Napa Valley Film Festival unveils a world-class production to celebrate the cinematic arts and enrich the community, by bringing films and filmmakers into historic theaters, venues that are quite literally built from the ground up, and middle and high school classrooms that span from Napa to Calistoga. What most people don’t realize, is that the festival doesn’t just appear in a matter of weeks, but rather a full twelve-month cycle of hard work and planning with our key partners, sponsors, and small but mighty team of just over a dozen employees. In just seven short years, the festival has grown immensely. Without the dedicated efforts of both a year-round core team and seasonal employees, there would be no festival to enjoy. In addition to those of us who with careers in this industry, our High School and College-level Interns have made significant impacts on this festival and the direction it is heading in. These interns, who have joined us from as close as right here in the Napa Valley to the East Coast, work tirelessly alongside the rest of us, aiding in key aspects of the festival from Administration, Operations, Programming, Marketing, and VIP Hospitality. Each of these roles [...]

1904, 2017

Grgich Hills Estate: A Story Fit for the Screen

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In 1977 Hollywood created the enduring classics Annie Hall and Saturday Night Fever.  At the same time, in the heart of Napa Valley, another classic was born. Out of a dusty spot in the Rutherford appellation, Mike Grgich was breaking ground for a new winery, and like the movies, this enterprise has endured through time.  The story of Grgich Hills Estate, like the narrative of a perfect screenplay, follows a protagonist with passion, courage, and a dream. Roll the camera, and slowly zoom in on a Google Earth image of Eastern Europe.  Miljenko “Mike” Grgich was born in a tiny village in Croatia, the youngest of 11 children. He learned winemaking from his father and then at the University of Zagreb. Under communist rule, Mike yearned to go somewhere he could be free. After a long four-year journey that took him through West Germany and Canada, he finally arrived in Napa Valley in 1958 just in time for harvest. Mike Grgich breaking ground on July 4, 1977 with business partner Austin Hills.   There, Mike was met with the heartwarming assistance of Souverain Cellars owner Lee Stewart, who gave him the job he needed to get a visa. After his time at [...]

1104, 2017

NVFF Education Programs: Workshops, Contests, and Screenings

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After launching our first ever High School Short Film Competition in partnership with NapaLearns, in January, we put together three student film workshops to encourage, inspire, and teach young filmmakers how to create their own projects. Our first workshop took place in March, and was taught by NVFF award winning filmmaker, Kim Rocco Shields. During this workshop over 20 High School students learned the ins and ours of pre-production, including story development and storyboarding. Sophie, from New Technology High School, is just one student who came up with her own short film idea. Her story will follow a high school student named Raven who learns to create her own identify while growing up in a conservative household where conflict emerges with her family members who hold different ideas and beliefs. Below she shares what she learned during the first student workshop. Before our High School Short Film Competition closes for submissions on June 2, we have two more student workshops coming up. The second takes place on APRIL 23 and will cover all aspects of production or "how to shoot your film." This workshop will be taught by Anthony Lucero, the director of NVFF14 film favorite, East Side Sushi. After learning from Anthony, students will focus [...]

1703, 2017

Some of our Favorite Dishes from 2016!

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To give you a taste  of what will be on the festival menu this year, we’re featuring some of our favorite dishes from NVFF16. At the Napa Valley Film Festival, there is no shortage of the best wine and food to pair with the great movies we’re curating for you. Enjoy and Cheers!   1st Course Maine lobster with sour apple, celery variations, and pecan. Paired with a 2013 ADAMVS Sauvignon Blanc at the NVFF Movie Mogul Dinner at Meadowood Napa Valley.   2nd Course Angus Beef Osso Bucco served in a Cabernet Sauce with Garden Vegetables. Paired with a 2013 Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon from Raymond Vineyards at their NVFF Vintner Circle Dinner.   3rd Course Featured at Variety's 10 to Taste event, this dark chocolate cupcake was created by Chef Lisa Hiserman. It is topped with cream cheese frosting, chocolate ganache and sea salt, and was inspired by the movie Splash. Hungry yet? Whip up this award-winning recipe below and share it with friends over a glass of Ceja Rose or Chardonnay. This salmon ceviche was featured at the NVFF Closing Night Wrap Party last November. Bon appétit!   Ceviche de Salmón Serves 8 people. Recipe by Ceja Vineyards owner Amelia Ceja (who is also a master chef).    [...]

2712, 2016

Behind the Vines: Wolf Family Vineyards

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Wine tasting is a transporting experience from the sound of the clink-and-cheers, to the taste that allows you to vividly recall a special moment; and visiting places where the wine is made like Wolf Family Vineyards in St. Helena, is truly magical.It’s sipping a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon next to a lush vineyard setting or swirling a glass of Sauvignon Blanc amidst the vines of an organically farmed estate. Wolf Family Vineyards, in the heart of Napa Valley, is wonderful and distinctive experience. It’s the simple pleasure of drinking good wine. The journey began when Jane and Doug Wolf embarked upon adventure in Napa Valley, not to start a business, but, like many others, to enjoy good wine in good company—by the most picturesque and beautiful places on Earth. It was that simply joy which led them to buy their first property, plant vines, and harvest their first crop to share among family and friends. Winemaking evolved from a hobby to true fruits of their labor. Their innate passion, stemming respect for the land and a love for wine to be shared. “Wolf Family Vineyards has remained small and family-owned throughout, never making more than 1000 cases per year, yet still [...]

1512, 2016

The Team Unseen: NVFF’s Creative Partners

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Each year, NVFF relies on the remarkable and enduring support of our creative partners to induce the magic of the Festival. From the event production and coverage to the beautiful photography and signage, the NVFF website, the annual Program Guide and marketing—all of it cannot be accomplished without these creative minds and dedicated men and women. From the stunning graphics and signage to the gorgeous Program Guide you look forward to each year, Seattle-based design firm Cognition Studio has been a heroic partner to NVFF. Working on sharp deadlines with a small team of incredible individuals led by their fearless leader Kristine Johnson, they tell our brand’s story with a keen understanding of who we are and what the Festival means to our community. They are so much more than a design partner—they are a part of our family. One of our most difficult pre-festival projects is assembling the annual Program Guide. With the creative direction of NVFF Co-Founder Marc Lhormer, Cognition’s team worked tirelessly to bring his vision to life on the page, and somehow manage to pack our entire festival into 208 beautiful pages. We cannot thank them enough for their design support and branding over the years, and the [...]

NVFF17 • NOV 8 - 12

NVFF17 • NOV 8 – 12