VGS Chateau Potelle: It’s Very Good S*!$

On the edge of downtown St. Helena sits a quaint white house with an inviting yellow door. As you make your way through the flower and topiary garden, both French, and American flags hang in the doorway. This is VGS Chateau Potelle. When owner Jean-Noel Formeaux du Sartel first came to America, he had [...]

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Paraduxx Wine Uncorks Innovation

A division of Duckhorn Wine Company, Paraduxx is the only Napa Valley winery solely dedicated to contemporary wine blends. To learn more about what makes a Paraduxx blend unqiue,  I talked with Don LaBorde, the Paraduxx Winemaker, about the way in which he utilizes his background in art and wine science to craft the perfect blend of [...]

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Welcome to the NVFF Vintner Circle, Davis Estates!

The NVFF Team is excited to welcome a new Vintner Circle member into our elite group of Napa Valley wineries. At the forefront of technology and modern rustic chic, Davis Estates is establishing itself as a winery with elegance, vision, and of course, fantastic wine. What started off as a dream for Mike and Sandy [...]

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Behind the Vines: Ma(i)sonry Napa Valley

Nestled in one of Yountville’s most historic places, Ma(i)sonry Napa Valley offers a truly one-of-kind experience in wine country. It’s a mecca of culture, filled with highly edited furnishings and artwork. The collections of art on display include Napa Valley favorites, Bay Area’s most esteemed painters, as well as notable artists worldwide—all of which are [...]

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Behind the Vines: Taken Wine Company

If you’re looking for that perfect glass of wine made to sip with your best friend—swirl a glass from Taken Wine Company. Whether it’s a birthday celebration or a Tuesday evening after a long day of work, your best friend is there for you, pairs fantastically with a bottle of “great wine made by great [...]

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Easy Wine Popsicle Recipes

The mornings are getting foggier, the sun is setting earlier, and the vineyards are all in various stages of harvest. It's true: summer is coming to an end here in Napa Valley, and that means it's time to send summer wines off with a bang (and to buy your passes before the NVFF16 Summer Sale [...]

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Behind the Vines: Materra | Cunat Family Vineyards

There is no formula to making great wine. No instruction manual or secret recipe. Because great wine is not an exact science—it’s an art form. The only guideline a vintner can follow is to give his or her winery the best chance to fulfill the artistic vision behind the process. And to do that, as Materra | Cunat Family [...]

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Wine Movies to Go With Your Wine (For Under $25)

The best way to learn is by doing, which means the best way to learn about wine is by drinking it, right? These four films give unique insight into the world of wine - from how it's made, to it's impact on culture and it's role in our lives both big and small. We've paired each film with a wine [...]

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The Day California Wine Changed The World (And How To Celebrate)

The Napa Valley of 1976 was a different world. Viticulture was just beginning to regain its foothold after coming off the tail end of Prohibition and the devastating effects of the Phylloxera louse, which destroyed over 80% of the valley’s vineyard acreage in the early 20th century. With just a few dozen wineries in operation, vintners’ main focus [...]

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…and what to do about it. Do you ever have a glass of wine and feel like you must be missing something? Do you tell people you’re “not a wine person” only because of how intimidated you feel? Don’t fear the fruit, you are much closer than you think to enjoying wine like a pro. Really. [...]

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NVFF17 • NOV 8 - 12

NVFF17 • NOV 8 – 12