Halloween Movie Must Sees

  Halloween is right around the corner which means it's prime time for a scary movie marathon. Five of our Celebrity Tributes are no strangers to the horror scene, having gone toe to toe with the supernatural, monsters, demons, killers and even the Devil himself.  Here are 28 Horror/Thrillers and all around Halloween friendly films [...]

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6 Things You Never Knew About Charles Krug Legendary Filmmaker Lee Daniels

Lee Daniels is an Academy Award-nominated filmmaker whose work is trademarked by authenticity and candor, providing audiences with a unique and refreshing experience and character insight with each of his projects. He is perhaps best known for the 2013 critically acclaimed box office smash Lee Daniels’ The Butler, in addition to his 2009 feature Precious: Based on [...]

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16 Things Not To Miss At NVFF16

With mere days left until Opening Night, it’s time to get down to business and talk about all the things you cannot miss at #NVFF16. Every year is a little different, but one thing remains: every corner of the festival is programmed to surprise, delight, indulge and inspire. We don't want you to miss any [...]

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Lexus Short Films

NVFF has partnered with Lexus and The Weinstein Company to host a presentation of Lexus Short Films. Each year Lexus identifies four talented young filmmakers and pairs them with The Weinstein Company to create new and innovative short films. This year four new films will screen together for the first time ever at the Napa [...]

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The Filmmakers Are Coming to Napa Valley

There is a crisp chill in the air, the leaves are starting to change, and while some are thinking of Pumpkin Spice and cozy sweaters, the people of Napa Valley have two different things on their mind: harvest, and of course, the Napa Valley Film Festival. When the vineyards explode with fall colors, it's a sign: [...]

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10 Things You Never Knew About Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe Grace Moretz has been captivating audiences since she was five years old. Her breakout role as 'Hit-Girl' in Matthew Vaughn's cult-classic film Kick-Ass, followed by a starring role in Matt Reeves' remake of Let Me In, landed her on TIME Magazine's prestigious Top 10 Performances of the Year list as well as the New York [...]

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Meet The Theaters

These unique theaters in Napa, Yountville, St. Helena, and Calistoga showcase our films and provide the forum for post-screening Q&As with attending filmmakers. From turn-of-the-century art house theaters, to state-of-the-art facilities, our theaters provide memorable movie watching environments. Keep an eye on the Intimacy Rating: the more stars, the smaller and more intimate the venue. [...]

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The NVFF Experience

It’s Wednesday morning, November 11, 2015, and Nick Ahumada approaches a theater for his first film screening at the 5th Annual Napa Valley Film Festival (NVFF). He’s been preparing for weeks now, researching the upcoming festival’s diverse variety of films, requesting time off of work, mapping out his schedule, and gearing up for the week-long [...]

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Wine Movies to Go With Your Wine (For Under $25)

The best way to learn is by doing, which means the best way to learn about wine is by drinking it, right? These four films give unique insight into the world of wine - from how it's made, to it's impact on culture and it's role in our lives both big and small. We've paired each film with a wine [...]

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What makes the Napa Valley Film Festival so memorable? Hear it straight from the horse's mouth. Each Tuesday we will add a new testimonial. If you'd like to see your name on this page email your testimonial(s) to [email protected] “I had wanted to come for years and now plan to make it an annual event. [...]

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NVFF18 • NOV 7 - 11

NVFF18 • NOV 7 – 11