Behind the Vines: Taken Wine Company

If you’re looking for that perfect glass of wine made to sip with your best friend—swirl a glass from Taken Wine Company. Whether it’s a birthday celebration or a Tuesday evening after a long day of work, your best friend is there for you, pairs fantastically with a bottle of “great wine made by great [...]

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The Filmmakers Are Coming to Napa Valley

There is a crisp chill in the air, the leaves are starting to change, and while some are thinking of Pumpkin Spice and cozy sweaters, the people of Napa Valley have two different things on their mind: harvest, and of course, the Napa Valley Film Festival. When the vineyards explode with fall colors, it's a sign: [...]

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Behind the Vines: Eleven Eleven Wines

There are many reasons one could provide when probed with the question “What made you decide to start a winery?” On a simple level, a love of viticulture, fermented beverages, and farming suffice. However Ellie Anest, Aurelien Roulin and Carol Vassiliadis, founders of Eleven Eleven Wines, credit the hand of fate as the major force [...]

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Behind The Vines: Charles Krug Winery

For the last half century, the Mondavi name has been synonymous with successful Napa Valley winemaking. In a region with well over 500 wineries, only a handful can claim the same legacy and passion that defines Charles Krug Winery, and the Mondavi family. Speaking with Peter Mondavi Jr., we learned what it means to earn [...]

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Meet The Theaters

These unique theaters in Napa, Yountville, St. Helena, and Calistoga showcase our films and provide the forum for post-screening Q&As with attending filmmakers. From turn-of-the-century art house theaters, to state-of-the-art facilities, our theaters provide memorable movie watching environments. Keep an eye on the Intimacy Rating: the more stars, the smaller and more intimate the venue. [...]

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Easy Wine Popsicle Recipes

The mornings are getting foggier, the sun is setting earlier, and the vineyards are all in various stages of harvest. It's true: summer is coming to an end here in Napa Valley, and that means it's time to send summer wines off with a bang (and to buy your passes before the NVFF16 Summer Sale [...]

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What Long Meadow Ranch Brings to the Table

The Long Meadow Ranch  team at Farmstead lives by a saying: “From our farm to your table.” We spoke with second-generation vintner Chris Hall to find out what that means exactly. The Hall family has been farming fruits, vegetables, livestock, and of course their world-renowned grapes in the Napa Valley since 1989. “I grew up [...]

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Behind The Vines: Caldwell Vineyard

John Caldwell is the original wine industry maverick and the man responsible for “introducing” the most prized Bordeaux rootstock and grapevine clones to California. John not only held the original licensing agreement with the French government for the ENTAV–INRA clones, which are now considered industry standard in the United States, but also wrote the definitive [...]

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Behind the Vines: Materra | Cunat Family Vineyards

There is no formula to making great wine. No instruction manual or secret recipe. Because great wine is not an exact science—it’s an art form. The only guideline a vintner can follow is to give his or her winery the best chance to fulfill the artistic vision behind the process. And to do that, as Materra | Cunat Family [...]

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The NVFF Experience

It’s Wednesday morning, November 11, 2015, and Nick Ahumada approaches a theater for his first film screening at the 5th Annual Napa Valley Film Festival (NVFF). He’s been preparing for weeks now, researching the upcoming festival’s diverse variety of films, requesting time off of work, mapping out his schedule, and gearing up for the week-long [...]

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NVFF18 • NOV 7 - 11

NVFF18 • NOV 7 – 11