WHAT IS NVFF?2017-11-14T11:18:51+00:00

The ultimate film, food and wine experience, the Napa Valley Film Festival (NVFF) lights up wine country at the most colorful time of year. NVFF presents over 120 new independent films and studio sneak previews in beautiful venues throughout the Valley. Attendees interact with over 300 filmmakers at screenings and Q&As, and enjoy afternoon wine tastings, culinary demos, winemaker dinners, the Festival Gala, Celebrity Tributes, Awards Ceremonies, parties and more. Buy passes today to experience the best of wine country!

WHEN IS NVFF18?2017-11-14T11:16:23+00:00

The 8th annual Napa Valley Film Festival returns November 7 – 11, 2018.

HOW DO I ATTEND?2017-11-14T11:23:08+00:00

The best way to experience the festival is with a pass. We offer fully immersive 5 day passes at different levels: Festival Pass, Pass Plus, and for a truly immersive VIP experience, membership in our exclusive Patron Circle. With a pass, you can see just about any film in the festival, and you never have to worry about choosing films or purchasing individual screening tickets in advance. Your pass also allows you to attend any industry panels, the culinary demonstrations, and wine-tasting each afternoon. Higher level passes include special events and receptions with our filmmakers and celebrity guests.

For those with limited time or on a limited budget, we also offer a Flex Pass (5 screenings), Mid-Week Pass (a great value giving access for three days Wed-Thu), Weekend Pass (covering Fri-Sat-Sun), Day Passes (individually covering Fri-Sat-Sun), and last minute Rush Tickets, sold at the door to film screenings when space remains available after pass holders have been admitted. We also occasionally offer advance purchase options on specific special events and special presentations. Visit our box office online year round to see what’s available, we will release more pass and ticket options as NVFF18 gets closer.

WHERE SHOULD I STAY?2017-11-14T11:24:33+00:00

If you are joining us from out of the area, you have a wide variety of lodging options. You’ll choose from luxury resorts to quaint Bed & Breakfasts to vacation rentals, and also select where in the valley you’d most prefer to be located. Calistoga at the top of the valley is wonderful for its laid back atmosphere (new age meets old west) and unique festival venues; but it’s also a long way from some of the higher level special events taking place in Yountville and Napa. St. Helena – 9 miles down valley – is home to the charming Cameo Cinema (our only venue out of 12-13 that is truly a year-round movie theatre) and has a perfect Main Street feeling about it. Yountville – another 9 miles down valley – is perfect for the epicurean, being home to the French Laundry and more Michelin Stars per square mile than anywhere else on the planet. It’s also the location of our largest venue, the Lincoln Theater on the grounds of the largest Veterans Home in America. The Celebrity Tributes, Awards Ceremony and Festival Gala all take place at Lincoln. And Napa – another 9 miles south – is the primary working city serving the valley and home to some of the festival’s bigger venues and events. Many of the valley’s lodging properties offer special festival rates and packages. Wherever you decide to stay, always let your hosts know you are here for the film festival. You never know what doors that might open. And make your lodging plans early as rooms fill up quickly.

HOW DO I PLAN MY SCHEDULE?2017-11-14T11:26:32+00:00

Like most film festivals, NVFF’s schedule of films, tastings, demos, and events can be overwhelming, especially to first-timers. Use our interactive guide on the website, expected in September. Download our new MOBILE APP, available on the App Store and Google Play, and grab a copy of the official souvenir Festival Program, due out mid-October. Note that most films play multiple times in different village locations. So plan your schedule to minimize running around the valley, but rather kicking back a bit to savor longer conversations with the artists and your fellow audience members. NVFF team members and volunteers are always available to you to assist with guidance. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter which assures you’ll get all of our announcements.

HOW DO YOU GET YOUR PASSES?2017-11-14T12:09:21+00:00

Passes can be ordered online through our box office, and then can be picked up at our Advance Box Office (the week before the festival) or at our two Festival Box Offices, in Napa or St. Helena. Box Office pick-up location is selected at the time of purchase and can be changed by calling customer service at 707-226-7500 or by emailing [email protected] Exact box office locations will be announced closer to NVFF18. Sign-up for our newsletter for the most up to date information.


There is an order to which audiences are admitted into our shows and select special events/presentations. Members of our Patron Circle enter first, followed by Pass Plus holders, then Festival Pass and Weekend Pass, and then Midweek, Flex or Day Pass holders. Non-pass holders wait in a Rush Line and may purchase tickets if space remains available after all pass holders have entered.

Line Access Graphic

WHAT SPECIAL EVENTS HAPPEN AT NVFF?2017-11-14T13:10:34+00:00

There are a variety of events throughout NVFF. Access to these events is determined by pass type, with a select number of events having individual tickets for sale.

  • Meet the Artists Reception | ACCESS: Patrons, A-Listers, Movie Moguls
  • Opening Night VIP Party | ACCESS: Patrons, A-Listers, Movie Moguls
  • A-List Dinner Party | ACCESS: A-Listers, Movie Moguls
  • Vintner Circle Dinners | ACCESS: Patrons, A-Listers, Movie Moguls
  • Friday Night Bash | ACCESS: Pass Plus, Patrons, A-Listers, Movie Moguls
  • Awards Ceremony | ACCESS: Pass Plus, Patrons, A-Listers, Movie Moguls
  • Festival Gala | ACCESS: Pass Plus, Patrons, A-Listers, Movie Moguls
  • Closing Night Wrap Party | ACCESS: Pass Plus, Patrons, A-Listers, Movie Moguls
HOW DOES NVFF INCORPORATE WINE?2017-11-14T13:10:17+00:00

The best that Napa Valley’s vintners have to offer is integrated all throughout NVFF. With over 150 participating wineries, it is easy to taste your way through the Valley. Afternoon wine tastings allow attendees to experience wine tasting, without having to shell out money for the tasting fees. Wine is offered at all festival parties and events, as well as the Vintner Circle Dinners, which allow intimate access to winemakers and wineries.


Each afternoon, from Thursday to Sunday, NVFF has afternoon wine tastings at our Up and Down Valley hubs (in Napa and St. Helena) where Napa Valley Vintners pour and share their wines. All pass holders have access to our Afternoon Wine Tastings (expect Flex pass holders), with live music and wines from several wineries, so you can experience Napa Valley wine without the hassle of driving and making appointments and shelling out tasting fees.


After the last screen goes dark, Festival Villages are still alive. While Patron Circle Members and Pass Plus holders participate in various Special Events, there are also nightlife options that offer food and drink specials for Festival Pass and Day Pass holders.


Sign up for the email newsletter. It’s the best way to ensure you stay current with new original NVFF content, and any additions or changes. Also be sure to download the NVFF mobile app as soon as it becomes available. Being on our mailing list assures you are notified about this and any and all breaking news

IS NVFF ON SOCIAL MEDIA?2017-11-05T10:50:03+00:00

We encourage you to share your Festival experience on social media. Follow us, tag us, @ us, and #NVFF17 us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more. And keep your eyes on our channels for exclusive content, Festival tips and insider info.

Facebook: /NapaFilmFest Twitter: @NapaFilmFest Instagram: @NapaFilmFest Snapchat: NapaFilmFest

CAN I BRING MY KIDS?2017-02-26T01:09:12+00:00

Most festival films do not have MPAA ratings attached. Generally speaking parents should consider the film festival to be a collection of R-rated movies, though each year many of the films are perfectly appropriate for all teenagers. Parents should carefully read film descriptions and use their discretion when considering what might be appropriate for their children.


All passholders must arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to show time. A pass does not guarantee a seat, so please be aware of venue capacities and arrive early at smaller venues and for the most popular films. One individual must be present for each seat. Since seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis, you must be present in the theater to have claim to a seat. No savesies!


Each Festival Village is approximately 9 miles apart as you travel up and down-valley, with nearly 30 miles between Napa and Calistoga. Travel time between villages can vary widely, especially on the weekends or during rush hour. Since many films screen at multiple venues, you can maximize your film, food and wine experiences each day without having to travel all over the valley. If you do want to move around and explore different villages and venues, please, plan ahead and always festival responsibly! Wine, dine, but please don’t drink and drive. There are a number of transportation options, including The Vine (local bus service), taxis, Uber, or book a car with Beau Wine Tours.

HOW DOES NVFF INCORPORATE FOOD?2017-11-14T12:41:10+00:00

We’ve integrated Napa Valley’s incomparable food into the film festival experience. Culinary demonstrations take place at the Culinary Theater all throughout the festival. Guests from our festival films are paired with local food and wine experts to share a cornucopia of creativity and mouth-watering insights. Members of our audience get samples and wine pairings with all demos! Food is also served up at all of our special events, most notably the blowout Festival Gala but also at our Opening, Closing and Tribute Night Parties.

WHAT KIND OF FILMS SHOULD I EXPECT?2017-11-14T12:47:15+00:00

From over 1,000 films submitted from around the world, we select 100 or so for the quality of their filmmaking and the compelling nature of their story lines. These films are grouped in competitive sections that are eligible for either juried or audience awards or both. These program sections include:

  • Narrative Features
  • Documentary Features
  • The Lounge (Features & Shorts)
  • Narrative Shorts
  • Documentary Shorts
  • Short Features
  • Special Presentations

Our program also includes a selection of sneak preview screenings of important awards season films, frequently presented by the directors who attend along with writers, actors and producers. Always be sure to check our website at www.nvff.org for the most current and complete list and description of films and screening details.

CAN I BUY PASSES OR TICKETS THE DAY OF?2017-11-14T12:46:20+00:00

Passes and tickets are available in a variety of ways. You may visit our Buy Passes page and see full descriptions and benefits of our passes and tickets and purchase while you browse. They are also available at our Box Offices located Napa and St. Helena. Passes and tickets can be purchased the day of at our Box Offices, however, we recommend that you purchase in advance so your pass can be ready for pick-up. For non-pass holders, we sell advance tickets for select screenings. Non-pass holders can also wait in a Rush Line and may purchase tickets if space remains available after all pass holders have entered a theater.

HOW DO I JOIN THE VINTNER CIRCLE?2017-11-05T14:39:02+00:00

Interested in becoming a Vintner Circle member? Contact Fearon DeWeese for all the information you need about the Vintner Circle.

WHAT IS THE VINTNER CIRCLE?2017-11-14T12:49:58+00:00

The Vintner Circle is comprised of an exclusive set of wineries contributing some of the most elegant and distinctive elements that make the Napa Valley Film Festival such a unique and special experience. Vintner Circle members share their finest wines at the A-List Dinner Party Thursday evening celebrating our Celebrity Tributes Honorees, present large-format bottles of their finest wine to Award Winners during the Saturday evening Awards Ceremony and provide VIP tasting opportunities at the Festival Gala that follows. Vintner Circle members also host one of the highlights of the festival: our famed Vintner Circle Dinner Series on Friday night, with more than 20 simultaneously unfolding intimate evenings of food, wine and animated conversations about cinematic storytelling.

WHAT IS THE PATRON CIRCLE?2017-11-14T13:15:06+00:00

Elevate your festival experience by joining our exclusive Patron Circle, a group of old and new friends who are amongst our strongest and most loyal supporters. Patron Circle members enjoy intimate access to filmmakers, industry power players and celebrities, and the best of Napa Valley’s finest food, wine and hospitality. They also provide invaluable support for our filmmaker development and local student education and outreach programs.

Choose from one of three levels of access and indulgence, while supporting our Education & Outreach programs.

PATRON | $2,500
The Essential VIP Experience

A-LISTER | $5,000
The Elevated VIP Experience

MOVIE MOGUL | $25,000
The Ultimate VIP Experience

Want to become part of our inner circle? Upgrade your pass or join today by calling 707.226 .7500 or email our Patron Circle Director, Fearon DeWeese at [email protected]

HOW DO I JOIN THE PATRON CIRCLE?2017-11-14T13:19:19+00:00

Want to become part of our inner circle? Upgrade your pass or join today by calling 707.226.7500 or email our Patron Circle Director, Fearon DeWeese, at [email protected]

NVFF18 • NOV 7 - 11

NVFF18 • NOV 7 – 11